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Fuel Cell Concept Car & Gas Station

Fuel Cell Concept Car & Gas Station

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Fuel CellConcept Car & Gas Station

Brand: H-TECEducation
Product Code: 1071101



H-TEC's most realistic model car set gives observers aglimpse of the transportation technology of the future.  The gas stationuses solar power to run an electrolyser and produce hydrogen gas.  Thisgas then feeds the air-breathing double fuel cell on board the car, producingelectricity and driving the car forward.  One tank of hydrogen producesenough power for a 7-minute run time!

 Diminishing resources, more severe environmental impactsand the ever increasing demand for energy force us to reconsider the structureof our energy supply system.  Automobile industry and oil companiesincreasingly invest in hydrogen technology because it offers solutions to someof these concerns.  This fascinating technology combines a sound energysupply with minimal impact on our natural resources.

 Hydrogen is produced and stored in the Hydrogen GasStation.  The Fuel Cell Concept Car is fueled with hydrogen, andrealistically demonstrates the technology of future fuel cell vehicles.

 The equipment can be used to demonstrate the operation ofPEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cells and PEM Electrolyzers.

Fuel Cell Concept Car and Gas Station - D203 Includes:

  • Model Car
  • Fuel Cell StackHydrogen and Air (two cells)
  • Electrolyzer
  • Hydrogen Storage Tank
  • 3-Panel Solar Module
  • Hydrogen Gas StationBase
  • Power Supply (can be used in placedof solar module for faster operation)
  • InstructionalTextbook
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