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G-HFCS-3kW48V (3kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generator)

G-HFCS-3kW48V (3kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generator)

Product Details:


Product Description

G-HFCS-3kW48V(3kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generator)

Product Code: 1035010


The new hydrogen fuel cell product line from Gatechn Teamis the ideal alternative to the standard portable power generators which usediesel or batteries. Easy to use and with a smart and compact design,G-HFCS-3kW48V hydrogen fuel cell system produces 3000 W of nominal power andbrings you full energy independence for various applications that require powerin the range of 0-3000 Watts. 

UAVs, drones, robotics applications and other unmannedvehicles, soldier power, portable power, and various other military/civilianapplications can use this product as a quiet and highly efficient electrochemicalpower generator in order to improve the operational time or flight time orgenerate power in the field where there is no grid infrastructure. Acontroller module that manages the startup, shutdown, and all other standardfunctions of the fuel cell system is included in the kit.  A DC/DCconverter will be required to convert the fuel cell power into the desiredvoltage and current values.

This portable fuel cell system can be easily connectedwith a high purity hydrogen source such as a compressed cylinder from a localgas supplier, hydrogen stored in a composite tank, or a compatible hydridecartridge to get the best performance.


Output Performance:

 NominalPower: 3000 W
 Nominal Voltage: 48 V
 Nominal Current: 62.5 A
 DC Voltage Range: 40 - 72 V
 Efficiency: >50% at the nominal power


Hydrogen Fuel:

 HydrogenPurity: >99.99% (CO content being <1 ppm)
 Hydrogen Pressure: 0.04 - 0.06 MPa
 Hydrogen Consumption: 35.1 L/min (atnominal power)


Environmental Characteristics:

 AmbientTemperature: -5 to +35 C
 Ambient Humidity: 10% RH to 95% RH (Nomisting)
 Storage Ambient Temperature: -10 to +50C
 Noise: <60 dB


Physical Characteristics:

 StackSize (mm): 320*268*115
 Stack Weight: 7.000 kg
 Controller Size (mm): TBD

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