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Graphene Oxide

Graphene Oxide Water Dispersion (0.4 wt% and 2.5 wt% Concentration)

Graphene Oxide Our graphene oxide is noted for its mechanical and thermal properties. The raw material - graphite - is chemically processed to obtain monolayer flakes of graphene oxide.

Graphene Oxide Film

Graphene Oxide Film The Graphene Oxide Film is prepared by the filtration of a Monolayer Graphene Oxide dispersion.

Reduced Graphene Oxide Powders

Reduced Graphene Oxide Powders

Graphene Oxide Solutions

Applications: Graphene-polymer composite materials Ultrastrong graphene oxide paper Transparent conductive coatings Solar cells Supercapacitors Support for metaliic catalysts Low permeability materials Electro-static Dissipation (ESD) films Chemical and bio sensors Multifunctional Materials Based on Graphene Graphene Research

Reduced Graphene Oxide Foam Granules

The Reduced Graphene Oxide Foam boasts a low density of approximately 20 mg/cm3. This ultralight material can remarkably hold up to 3,500%-8,000% of its own weight of organic solvents and oils, all while being unaffected by water. The overlapping of RGO flakes form a mechanically robust foam with excellent electrical conductivity.