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MEA AEM Durion LMW 30m 0.5mgPt Cloth

MEA AEM Durion LMW 30m 0.5mgPt Cloth

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ProductCode: 74810057

XICATMembrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA) are highly durable and they provideultra-high performance assemblies for use in electrochemical applications dueto the use of ultra-thin composite membranes.

MEAAEM-Durion-LMW-30m-0.5mgPt-Cloth product is comprised of the followingsub-components: 30 micrometers thick Durion LMW composite anion exchangemembrane and carbon cloth based gas diffusion electrodes with 0.5 mg/cm2 loadingof 60% Pt/C catalysts both for anode and anode. This alkaline MEA can be usedfor alkaline fuel cell applications or any other alkaline chemistry baseddevice development efforts.

Xergy has the largest selection of composite protonexchange membranes (C-PEM) and proton exchange ionomers (PEI) and compositeanion exchange membranes (C-AEM) and anion exchange ionomers (AEI) to selectfrom for the XICAT MEA design. C-PEMs/PEIs for the XICAT MEAs are availablefrom Dyneon, Aquivion, and Nafion perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA)ionomers.   C-AEMs/AEIs are available from Durion and Pentionionomers. The standard MEA is a 5-layer construction with a membrane sandwichedbetween a gas diffusion electrode and catalyst layer. A second MEA structure isa 3-layer construction known as a catalyst coated membrane (CCM), in which thecatalyst is applied directly to the membrane and there is no gas diffusion layer. 

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