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Lanthanum Strontium Cobalt Ferrite Ink (LSCF6428)

Lanthanum Strontium Cobalt Ferrite Ink (LSCF6428)

Product Details:


Product Description

LanthanumStrontium Cobalt Ferrite Ink (LSCF6428)

ProductCode: 6201631

TheLanthanum Strontium Cobalt Ferrite (LSCF) Ink is made using high-quality LSCF powder to provide an excellent cathode ink. It can be used to fabricate yourown cells, and can be used to enhance contact of your solid oxide fuel cell tothe test manifold.

Technical Specifications:

Formulation: (La0.60Sr0.40)0.95Co0.20Fe0.80O3-x
Solids Loading: 62 - 72% by weight

Typical Use Guidelines:

This is a great ink for making cathode catalyst layers for SOFC applications.

Stirring the ink before use is highly recommended. For best results, the ink should be stirred with a spatula or a glass rod to achieve an even consistencyprior to use.

For making cathode catalyst layers that are wellbonded to the electrolyte: The ink applied electrolyte istypically sintered at 100°C (until it looks dry), then sintered at800°C for 1 hr, and then at 1125°C for 1 hr.  If an anode catalystlayer is also going to be applied (which would require a much higher sinteringtemperature than the this cathode), then it is recommended that the anode catalystlayer to be bonded to the electrolyte first.  Exposing this cathode ink tosintering temperatures much higher than 1125°C would cause the densificationof the catalyst layer or decomposition of the phase and hence, lowperformance.  

For making electrical connections to a screen or wire: This ink istypically fired at 750°C or 850°C for 1 hour to ensure adhesion prior totesting at the desired test temperature. The adhesion obtained at lowersintering temperatures would not be as good as the adhesion obtained with thecatalyst layer that is sintered at much higher temperatures.

This ink can be used for screen printing for generating electrical connectionsfor wire attachments.

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