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GreenHub 2 5000

GreenHub 2  5000

Product Details:


Product Description

GreenHub 2 5000

Product Code: 1021838

The GreenHub 2 power generator is a complete system forthe domestic sector, a real turnkey generator with AC or DC output currentdepending on the model chosen. The GreenHub 2 replaces the common generatingsets allowing the use in indoor environments and the production of electricity,generating only water and heat as waste. The generator supplies loads thatexploit the common mains voltage (cameras, lamps, computers, tools, etc.) and /or customizable DC / AC voltages in frequency and voltage.

In the UPS version offline it can also be used forinterfacing with the home network and automatic switching on at the time of theblackout. Ideal as a UPS, emergency generation unit, field generation unit,energy storage, photovoltaic buffer, but also as a domestic generator forisolated houses or mountain / sea shelters with low daily requirements, forevening lighting.

The GreenHub 2 can supply the classic single-phasedomestic voltage of 230VAC at 50 Hz and / or DC voltage values compatiblewith various devices, depending on your needs. The GreenHub 2 models have230VAC @ 50/60 Hz or 48 VDC outputs. They are also equipped with a USB portthat allows the acquisition of data and generic I / O ports for interfacingwith any PLC systems.


Technical Data (DC Version):

 Rated Power: 4500W
 Rated Voltage Output: 48 V DC
 Output DC (1A): USB / 12 V DC
 Hydrogen Purity: 99.995% (grade 4.5)
 Supply Pressure: 6 - 25 bar
 Max Hydrogen Flow Rating: 70 L/min
 Size: 100 x 80 x 21 cm
 Weight: 90 kg


Technical Data (AC Version & UPSOffline):

 Rated Power: 4000W
 Rated Voltage Output: 220/230 VAC -50/60 Hz  (standard);  110/120 VAC - 50/60 Hz (optional)
 Hydrogen Purity: 99.995% (grade 4.5)
 Supply Pressure: 6 - 25 bar
 Max Hydrogen Flow Rating: 70 L/min
 Size: 100 x 80 x 21 cm
 Weight: 94 kg



Integrated programmable timer
 3.2 inch touch LCD display
 Internal sensors to measure parameters
 Extended life
 Weekly switch-on planning
 USB port
 Auxiliary I/O ports for interfacing withPLC.

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