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Fumasep FAS-PET-75

Fumasep FAS-PET-75

Product Details:


Product Description

Brand: FuMA-Tech
Product Code: 5041615

Fumasep FAS-PET-75 is a PET reinforced Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) withlow resistance, high selectivity, high mechanical stability, and high stabilityin pH neutral and acidic environments. The polymer backbone for this AEMis based on a hydrocarbon polymer material.

Fumasep FAS-PET-75 membrane comes in either a 10cm x 10cm or 20cm x 30cmsize sheet that is delivered in a dry brown-foil form.

Fumatech membranes are highly sensitive to differences in humidity andmoisture content. Therefore the membranes can vary +/- 0.5cm from the originalcut sizes. Also due to this sensitivity the manufacturer expects wrinkles toform, however soaking the membranes in deionized water will return themembranes to the full size planar state according to the manufacturer.

Fumasep FAS-PET-75 Features:

  Applications:Electrodialysis for demineralisation, desalination, acid recovery applicationsand others.
Anion Exchange Membrane
Stability Rang (pH) at 25C: 0 - 8
Thickness: 70 - 80 micrometers (2.76 - 3.15 mil)
Sizes: 10cm x 10cm, 20cm x 30cm


Keep membrane package closed / sealed when unused. Store, handle andprocess the membrane in a clean and dust-free area. Use only new and sharpknives or blades, when cutting the membrane. Always wear protective gloves whenhandling the membrane. Handle with care, be sure not to puncture, crease orscratch the membrane, otherwise leaks will occur. All surfaces in contact withthe membrane during handling, inspection, storage and mounting must be smoothand free of sharp projections.


Dry Form: The membrane can be stored dry for an unlimited amount oftime. However, the membrane has to be conditioned (washed and rinsed) prior touse.

Wet Form: Storage for short and medium time scale (hours up toseveral weeks) may be done in unsealed containers in 0.5 - 1.5 wt% NaClsolution or comparable neutral pH electrolytes.  For storage over a longertime period a sealed container is recommended using afore said electrolyte withca. 100 ppm biocide (NaN3) to avoid biological fouling.

 Pre-Treatment and Conditioning:

The membrane is delivered in bromide form and dry form. Depending onapplication and cell design, assembling is possible in dry form (withoutpretreatment) or wet form. For optimum performance it is recommended to rinsethe membrane in NaCl solution (e.g. 0.5 M NaCl solution at 25C for 24 hrs) toremove any additive from the membrane. Place the membrane sample betweenstabilizing meshes / spacers in order to avoid curling. Do not let the membranedry out since micro-cracks may likely occur during shrinkage.

If you have anyconcerns about storage, chemical stability and pretreatment before proceeding,please feel free to contact us for further informa

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